Historical Background

RGW Transformation Africa is an initiative of Apostle David Anderson, the president and cofounder of Red Gone White Church of the USA, and Bishop Andrew Machimbo from Kitale, Kenya. Bishop Andrew has spent over a decade moving throughout east Africa establishing Transformation Teams and training centers.

A grassroots movement was generated through strategic themed groups in social media platforms. The topic of ‘Transformation’ is being addressed daily in print and video by Apostle David with his ‘Time to Live’ campaign and weekly with his ‘Time to Transform’ Crowdcast event, attended by people from various countries globally.

In-depth field research took place in five counties throughout Kenya. Many stalled government initiatives were identified. Many of them hold great potential to serve communities with minimal additional funding, but with great community buy-in and engagement.

Initial memberships included all Transformation Leaders and their churches and select international stakeholders.

Sources of Future Members Include:

Self-help groups,

All community-based groups,

All faith-based organizations,

All not-for-profit organizations,

All self-employed,

Employees of government ministries,

Employees of education ministries.

Vision Statement

To serve African communities by partnering with local citizens, area government representatives, and donor/stakeholders.

To identify stalled government initiatives that hold the greatest potential to positively impact local livelihood, health, and wellness.

To move these initiatives to the next level and ultimately to completion and full functionality.

To have Transformation Teams in place formed by locals, RGWTA leadership, and government representation.

To have these teams involved on every level:

From project selection to fundraising to project initiation to construction (all phases) to staffing to utilization and to ongoing needs.

Mission Statement

To transform mindsets, resources, options, outcomes, and cultural paradigms.


To serve, to train, to educate, to activate, and to mobilize locals.

To change the narrative, by doing so, also change the possibilities.

To show love. To shine hope. To share resources.

To build up unity. To break down walls.

Strategic Objective

Empowering members through their groups by pointing to God’s purposes for them, their identity in Christ, and teaching them to work together to achieve individual potential and new heights.

Improving the quality of life through education, training, team building, and biblically sound strategies and teachings applied to well-researched undertakings.

Breaking the cycle of poverty through the formation of counseling and resource centers.

Encouraging members to begin income generating activities to improve their own lives.

To partner with local and international stakeholders.

And to attract and establish over 1 million members by the year 2023 and 20 million by the year 2026.

Core Values and Shared Norms

Core Values:

Transformation, Love, Compassion, Resourcefulness, Unity, God’s Word, Hope, Excellence, Life in Christ, Community, Better Together

Shared Norms:

Commitment to generosity,

Concerns for the environment,

Compassion for the vulnerable, impoverished, and dysfunctional members of society,

Sense of duty and respect,

Objectivity and fairness.

What Sets Us Apart

RGW Transformation Africa is a fresh, hands on, practical, doable, and hopeful approach to cultural climate change.

It is unique in style, strategy, and success potential. It is born from and will be built upon the will and the Word of God.

It is nondenominational and seeks to break down walls between churches, regions, social strata, problems and solutions, poverty and potential.

RGWTA partners with local and international organizations. We have functional social media Transformation Team leadership in Africa and with our global partners. We have a functioning administration. We offer training and education on multiple Internet platforms. Our current areas of emphasis include:

Ongoing field research

Daily and weekly education and training on social media

Partnering and building network relationships around the world

Project selection, initiation, and development

Project monitoring and supervision


RGWTA is being piloted in Kenya. However, it is a model that we can establish and duplicate anywhere in Africa.

Once we prove that we can radically change communities and cultural outcomes in some of the poorest and most challenging countries of the world, we will bring this Transformation Tool to other countries outside of Africa as well.


RGWTA is officially a ministry of Red Gone White Church. Learn more about each

and how to donate by visiting: https://rgwchurch.com ‘Where Transformation Begins’

Transformation Leadership in RGTWA

The transformation team leaders strive to help members within the community become true followers of Jesus Christ. To assist individuals and families in this transformation effort:

• To teach and testify to the transformation living of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

• To strengthen individuals and families in their efforts to keep their own obligations as members of the transformation team.

• To provide counsel, support, and opportunities for service.

• The transformation team leaders have the authority to oversee the performance of projects initiated by RGW Transformation Africa.

Families In The Leadership Team

Families in the transformation team:

• Marriage is full partnership agreement.

• United efforts and with the Almighty God.

• Loving each other and in complete fidelity.

Strengthening Transformation Families:

Transformation team leaders give special attention to individuals who do not enjoy the support and care from the extended community members.

Programs for sociology and fellowship are a continuous transformation living service.

Transformation Team Council.

RGW Transformation Africa institution is governed through councils at the general, area, and county or regional or country levels.

The Executive Administration:

RGW Transformation Africa institution Executive Committee has the responsibility for all transformation team members, organizations and activities.

The team meets regularly to consider Transformation matters.

They discuss confidential welfare matters and coordinate transformation programs.

County council transformation meetings:

They meet regularly to help members strive building testimonies of transformation


Transformation Teams and Leadership Throughout Africa.

Currently we have established and functioning Transformation Teams in the following countries:

Transformation Team in Kenya (TTK)

Transformation Team in Uganda (TTU)

Transformation Team in Tanzania (TTT)

Transformation Team in Zambia (TTZ)

Transformation Team in Malawi (TTM)

Transformation Team in Liberia (TTL)

Transformation Team in Nigeria (TTN)

Transformation Team in Sierra Leone (TTSL)