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The Transformation Times

Who We Are

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Strategic Objectives

These are the overriding, game changing goals of our church.

Fully Functional Virtual/Online Church

Winning souls, growing disciples, and inspiring Agents of Transformation by the thousands monthly on semi-automatic pilot by leading the charge and creating the model and setting the standard for the modern, post Covid, End Times church.

Ministry Debt-Free & Fully Funded

Providing for all the costs of ministry, management, mobilization, and media needs with the help of strong and loyal donor/partners. Also being sustained from within by profits from the monetization of content created by RGWC, such as: Swag, books, devotionals, Bible studies, workbooks, and other resources to be created for discipleship and promoting the Kingdom of God.

Flagship Ministries Rooted & Growing
On Every Continent

Expanding our on-the-ground presence and ministry into every continent by establishing God-ordained and appointed Ambassadors and ministry partners/volunteers who share our vision and passion for the Body of Christ and the imminent return of Jesus.


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Our Events

On Going

In Pakistan, we are looking to set hundreds of people free from lives of modern-day slavery with our Brick Kiln Freedom Ministry. We are partnering with local people to ensure that they have favor and support as we help them get established with their new homes and secure work. We also share the gospel with them and work with them to get skills and resources to help them sustain their freedom.
In Kenya, we are completing the building our first Hope Rains Foundation orphanage. We need your help to establish support to feed, clothe, and educate these kids monthly.
We have two active fundraisers going on right now. One is for ongoing COVID-19 support in Sierra Leone. Periodically we distribute food and sanitation supplies throughout multiple communities. With each distribution we present the gospel and hundreds of souls are won to Christ each time.
The second fundraiser is for the completion of two churches that are being built in those same regions to serve and bless the many Muslims running to Jesus because of our ministry. The first church is functional but needs to be completed and made secure. It is in Mongrewo and serves and seats up to 400 at a time. The second one is in Ngolala Bongeh. This is on the 30-acre compound shared by Yahweh International Academy. We have prepared the site, laid the foundation for the perimeter. We have secured and made nearly 6000 bricks and have acquired cement. We need your help to complete phase one, which is to erect all the walls. This church will serve and seat nearly 1000 new converts to the faith eager to learn and grow.

Up & Coming

We are also nearing the final steps of approval and acceptance as a local NGO in Uganda as Red Gone White Church.
We are awaiting our final word of approval and acceptance as a fully registered and accredited Intl NGO as Red Gone White Church and for our school of over 1000 students in Sierra Leone called Yahweh International Academy
We have begun setting whole families free from lives of modern-day slavery via our Brick Kiln Freedom Ministry. More are to be released in the coming weeks. We will do our best to share these moments with you in the video section of our online church.
We will be rolling out a new social media Campaign called “Time to Transform- it only takes a minute”. This will be in the form of an audio and/or video podcast. This will feature the now more than 100 commentaries written for the “Time to live” campaign. Many, many more of these powerful, concise, transformational commentaries will continue to come your way.
Through a very generous donor from Malta, we are feeding about 1200 families between our two main campuses and surrounding villages in Sierra Leone after Easter to share the love of Jesus.

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Apostle David will respond to real questions submitted by you. At least two will be chosen for each publication of our newsletter. Those not chosen will help us understand your concerns and will drive the content for future transformational materials.

Answered Questions

I am happy and successful. Why do you think I need God?

Because we need to be saved. Ignorance is bliss. We are dead-men walking and just don’t know it. There is more to life than this life. There is an eternity at stake. We have within us souls which will go on eternally. Even if we’re happy in this life, are we really at peace? Are we really content? Do we have true joy? Only Jesus can offer a peace that passes understanding. Only Jesus can offer contentment in all circumstances. Only Jesus can offer true joy that flows from the heart of God.

All of our money and all of our success and all of our influence and all of our friends and all of our so-called happiness will mean nothing when we stand before God. He will only ask us what did we do with His Son Jesus. If the answer is that we did not accept Him and that we did not feel like we needed Him, then we will have to enter heaven on our own merit. And I assure you that it will not be enough.

From there, God being just, right, and fair, He will give us what we wanted. And He will be forced to send and to assign us to hell.

Do we still think that we do not need God?

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